Photographic artist using the camera as my tool for healing

051218_Healing-Landscape_2.46.39 PM_TM2018.png


Art is many things, to many people. For me, the purpose of becoming an artist, the art I create and the words I will share, are for healing. I won’t go into specifics in this “about” section; the pieces of the puzzle will unfold in the blog section.

The art within this website is not work for the purpose of aesthetic value. The images will display beauty or ugliness through the eyes of the viewer; it’s not for me to decide. My art is meant to raise questions and make the viewer uncomfortable.

Specific details about me will be given during the long-term journey and through the blog, I will not be giving them out as a grocery list in a section most people merely glance at.



Better, but not perfect


Images are used for people to remember.  They catalog our lives and recall specific moments frozen in a single frame.  My childhood is inaccessible to me through internal memories.  The child staring back at me in images is a stranger.  No matter how long I stare at an image the memory cannot be pulled from the chasm.  This creates a conflict in how I want to work with the images.  It has taken months of configuring, thought mapping, and journaling to attempt a solution.  And then one day I scanned an image, not even knowing what I would do with it...